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ZICO Chocolate Coconut Water

Finding healthy foods at school is nearly impossible. When I saw ZICO Chocolate Coconut Water , I got super excited and had to try it. I use ZICO’s plain coconut water but had never seen a chocolate flavored one before.


I love coconut water for its amazing hydrating properties, potassium levels, and sweet taste. What could possibly be better besides adding chocolate to it!?


This is probably the best “chocolate milk” I have ever had. It is so creamy and smooth, and has absolutely no coconut flavor. It’s more milky than watery, I was so surprised it’s made out of coconut water.


I do wish it had less sugar, since 20g in a bottle is a lot to me. ZICO makes the point that it’s less than chocolate milk, but coconut water is sweet enough to not need extra sugar.

I would definitely recommend this as an occasional treat.

(All images in this post are my own)


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