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Sugar Cookies

Recipe from A Flock In The City

Finding a reliable sugar cookies recipe is super important. They can’t spread when they bake, they can’t be too crunchy, they can’t be too soft. Such a struggle.

This recipe is a perfect balance of everything, plus it’s delicious. And I don’t even like sugar cookies. I just make them to decorate them and force other people to eat them 🙂

sugar cookie

Cut-Out Sugar Cookies

Yield depends on cookie size, check out the original post for guide (Made about 30 for me)


*See A Flock In The City for recipe and instructions*

sugar cookiee


These are the perfect sugar cookies. I’ve used this recipe multiple times and everyone always loves it. Sugar cookies aren’t anyone’s favorite cookie (sorry if they’re your favorite but you make up .1% of the population) but these always go pretty quickly.

I would definitely recommend this recipe

(All images in this post are my own)


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