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Clean Eating Saturday Morning Waffles

Recipe from The Gracious Pantry

I’ve owned a waffle iron for years and have never touched it. That doesn’t mean it’s never been used, or that I’ve never had homemade waffles in my house before. I just ask my mom to do it. True life: I’m afraid to use waffle irons.

Well that sounds pretty ridiculous until you see the waffle mess I made when I finally decided to go for it:


Clean Eating Saturday Morning Waffles

Substitutions Made:

I halved the recipe, and it made 5 full waffles

It’s probably hard to tell from the picture

I swapped sprouted whole wheat flour for white whole wheat

I also ended up adding about 4 extra Tbsp since it was so runny

I used Vanilla Unsweetened Almond Milk



Besides my waffles looking like a horror show and sticking to the waffle iron like crazy, the taste was pretty good. They weren’t really firm like normal waffles; they were kinda puffy. Like I could squish a whole waffle into the size of a golf ball and it would spring back to its normal shape. The taste was a little bit eggy but they weren’t too bad.

I probably won’t be making this recipe again. I probably won’t be making any waffles ever again. This really wasn’t the outcome I needed for my first time using a waffle iron. Scarred for life.

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