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Go Macro Bars

Have you ever tasted something and immediately thought- where has this been all my life and why am I first discovering it now?

And then your life is completely changed forever.

That was my experience with my first Go Macro Bar.

cc go macro

Peanut butter chocolate chip was originally the only flavor I could find in stores, which was fine by me since that’s the best combination to ever exist. I immediately fell in love and searched for other flavors everywhere. Not only are they difficult to find in my area, I’m allergic to most of their flavors which is super unfortunate D:

BUT. The few flavors I am able to eat are amazing and make up for that entirely.

go macro

If I had to explain a Go Macro Bar to someone who has never had one, I would say they’re almost like Cliff Bars without all the sugar and chemicals added (Yum! Chemicals!) They’re also Non-GMO, soy free, vegan, and many other horrible-things-free

They’re very chewy and soft. The ONLY bad thing I have to say about them is they’re a little greasy on the outside. Like, make sure-you-have-a-napkin-handy sorta greasy.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip:

As I mentioned above, this flavor is absolutely amazing. Not overly peanut buttery. Perfect amount of chocolate chips. Super very yum

Cashew Caramel:

Not as good as the PB chocolate chip, but still delicious. Not too sweet or nauseatingly caramelly. I don’t think that’s an actual word but it should be.

Banana Almond Butter:

I have yet to try this one. I’m a little afraid to because of my weird food allergies. Maybe I’ll make a boring super ridiculously long detailed post all about that sometime, but in a nutshell (ha that’s punny), I’m moderately allergic to raw fruits/veggies/nuts including almonds, but can usually have almond butter. I’ll update this post when I finally convince myself to try it.

Update: I finally tried the banana almond butter. It is literally like a chewy little bar of banana bread. Definitely a new favorite!

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