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Skinny Funfetti Pronuts

I’ve been meaning to try pronuts for a long time. The recipes have been sitting there waiting for me, and I just seem to always forget about them. Funfetti pronuts are a game changer, though. The second I saw that recipe, it went straight to the top of the list. I have a weakness for sprinkles.


If you’re not familiar with the pronut craze, it’s a protein donut

Protein + donut = pronut

Kind of like how croissant + donut = cronut

I’m glad I finally went for it! They were totally worth it


Skinny Funfetti Pronuts

Recipe from Miss.K Kitchen Creations

 Substitutions made and products used:

Substituted an equal amount of whole wheat flour for spelt

Used Myofusion Probiotic Vanilla Whey Protein

I used closer to 1/4 cup of coconut sugar, since my protein powder is lightly sweetened

I omitted the nutmeg, but added a splash of almond extract

For the frosting, I didn’t have Natvia icing mix so I used 2Tbsp coconut sugar


This actually made only 7 donuts for me, I guess I made them a little bigger than she did

I got mixed reviews on the taste; some people loved it, others said “they’re edible”

I personally was one of the people who loved them! I thought the texture was great and they were perfectly sweet

They did get a little dry after being in a tupperware for a day. I think I will add a little more applesauce next time. This probably had something to do with my flour substitution.

As for the frosting, I’m not sure if it’s because I didn’t use the Natvia icing mix, but it turned into pudding for me. I had to add more milk to thin it out. I was a little afraid it would taste weird but it’s actually delicious. The thick consistency made it harden a little bit which was perfect for a donut “glaze”

I would recommend this recipe, and am now on team pronut


Random side note: I am looking for a new vanilla whey protein if anyone has any recommendations 🙂

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