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Siggi’s skyr (yogurt)

Skyr is a thick Icelandic yogurt that is high in protein and low in sugar. Siggi’s is the only brand of skyr I have ever tried, or even seen. It is very similar to Greek yogurt in taste and consistency.

Siggi’s is Non-GMO and uses milk from grass-fed cows (yay!!) They also use all-natural ingredients in their products.

siggis 2

Siggi’s sells a lot of crazy flavors, but I have only tried coconut, pumpkin & spice, orange & ginger, plain, and vanilla.

siggis 1


I am a huge fan of skyr apparently! I find Greek yogurt can be very sour sometimes, and this is definitely less tart.

I really like the high protein content. It keeps me full for much longer than regular yogurt.

I have loved every flavor I’ve tried so far! I tend to keep going back to plain, though. I’m all about the toppings 🙂

macro siggis 3

Yes, that’s a peanut butter chocolate chip Go Macro bar in there. Definitely one of the better ideas I’ve had.

The only negative thing I have to say is that they aren’t very low in sugar. Siggi’s states multiple times on their website that skyr is low in sugar, but I wouldn’t say 11 grams is necessarily low in sugar. It is less than most flavored yogurts, but still  11 grams is significant. For those of you that are not as obsessive about sugar, it really is much better than traditional yogurts. I’m looking at you Chobani Flips with your 22 grams of sugary madness. (That’s five and a half teaspoons of sugar in your breakfast. Nasty.)

I would definitely recommend Siggi’s Icelandic style skyr. It has many more health benefits than traditional yogurt and is absolutely delicious 🙂

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