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NutriNinja Blender

Today’s review is a little different. Rather than reviewing an edible product, I thought I would review my NutriNinja

Like any average 20 year old, I asked for a blender for the holidays. Oh wait, 20 years olds don’t ask for blenders?

ninja 2

Say hello to this beauty 🙂 🙂


This thing is POWERFUL. Oh my word. I think it could probably annihilate a piece of steel.

It blends anything in just a few seconds. It is super loud, which can get annoying. But it’s the price you pay for awesome smoothies.

Actually, the price you pay for awesome smoothies is technically about $125 but it’s honestly so worth it. I love that I can make my smoothies in the same cup I drink out of. I’m all for less dishes. Blenders can also be annoying to clean, but these are so much easier.

ninja 3

The NutriNinja with AutoIQ technology comes with 3 different sized containers, 3 lids (that fit all of them), the base, and the screw-on blade. It also comes with a little recipe book which is awesome! Of course I can’t have 90% of the smoothies in there (food allergy life) so I can’t say whether or not they’re good, but it’s still awesome that it’s included.

I would definitely recommend the NutriNinja!

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