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Microwave Protein Cake

Someone recently asked me why I eat so much protein if I don’t work out.

Protein is extremely important for everyone, not just for people who work out. It’s especially important if you don’t eat a lot of meat (like me).

Protein can speed up your metabolism, it keeps you full for a long time, increases energy levels, helps build muscle, and provides other nutrients that we need.

If you’re interested in other reasons to eat more protein, or the best sources, read here

Now onto today’s recipe…

I found this a while ago on @marmars_happiness on Instagram, you can find the recipe on her website MarMar’s Happiness

I am all for easy, quick, and healthy breakfasts. (Even though she makes it as dessert, it is definitely healthy enough to be breakfast) And of course cake. I am all for cake for breakfast.

Protein Cake

Fills one mug or ramekin


Substitutions/products in the chocolate cake:

Pumpkin (not greek yogurt)

Cartoned egg whites

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard double chocolate whey

I used PB Fit instead of PB2



I’ve found a lot of “easy” breakfast mug cakes that are a thousand steps and require way too much work when I’m starving in the morning. Not only was this one simple, it came out delicious and can easily be adapted for fun flavors

For those of you that don’t like pumpkin, I promise I could not taste it at all, but she mentions on her website that you can use yogurt

I topped mine with chia seed “chocolate syrup” and peanut butter- extra protein wahoo

This was a super delicious and satisfying breakfast, I will totally be making this again


Substitutions/products in the cinnamon roll cake:


Cartoned egg whites

Trutein Cinnabun

Pb Fit

Sprouted whole wheat flour


This one came out even better than the first. It was super moist and tasted EXACTLY like a cinnamon bun! I think the type of protein powder you use and some of the other ingredients you substitute affect how moist it comes out. I couldn’t really taste the pumpkin but there was a hint of peanut butter which was amazing. I topped it with a mix of 1 Tbsp cream cheese, 2 Tbsp Trutein Cinnabun, and a splash of water to make a cinnamon roll cream cheese icing. So yummy 🙂 🙂


Substitutions/products in the cake batter protein cake:


Cartoned egg whites

Trutein Birthday Cake

Pb Fit

Sprouted whole wheat flour


This tasted exactly like funfetti 😀 I topped it with 2 tsp Trutein Birthday cake mixed with about 1.5 tsp unsweetened vanilla almond milk. This is my new favorite flavor. I am a huge funfetti fan (because sprinkles make everything better) and I totally recommend tying this one. Again, I couldn’t taste the pumpkin at all, or the peanut butter. This is the first birthday cake flavored protein powder I have tried and this was the perfect use for it.


Try not to drool over this picture.

FullSizeRender (3)

Check out @marmars_happiness on Instagram for awesome flavor inspiration!

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