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Chocolate Cupcakes for 2

How many times have I made cupcakes and after a few days ended up throwing out most of them? Too many.

I really can’t eat the same thing too many days in a row, so making more than a few cupcakes is a waste. This recipe makes only 2! How awesome is that?

dollop 2

Chocolate Cupcakes for 2

Recipe from Sprinkled With Jules

Substitutions Made & Products Used:

I used sprouted whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose

Coconut sugar instead of refined white sugar

Avocado oil instead of vegetable

Almond milk instead of cow’s milk

*I added a tablespoon of PB Fit to one of the cupcakes and an extra tablespoon of hot water, but I actually couldn’t even taste peanut butter. There was very little change in texture.



I didn’t have very high expectations for just two cupcakes, and especially vegan cupcakes (notice there is no egg in the recipe). These were actually delicious! Definitely better than some normal sized recipes I have tried.

The texture was great, and not too dense (which often happens in vegan recipes)

A lot of “mug cakes” and single serving recipes have ridiculous steps like to cream 1 Tbsp butter and 1 Tbsp sugar, but I was so relieved to see this one was super easy. It took me just a few minutes to mix everything together.

I topped my 2 cupcakes with Dollop Gourmet Vegan peanut butter cookie dough spread.

I will definitely be making these again!

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