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Yoga Cookies (recipe & product review)

How fun yet frustrating is yoga?

Everything looks so easy until you actually try it yourself. And then you realize how uncoordinated and un-bendy you are. But I still love it.

I recently started doing yoga again, and Yummi Yogi was kind enough to send me a Tree Pose cookie cutter to make some healthy cookies with! 🙂


I am super obsessed with their cookie cutters. How creative are they!? I have never seen anything like these before. I was so excited about the one I received, but I would have been happy about any of them really!

They are made really well, too. They’re sturdy but bendable, which I like for my cookie cutters. I am guilty of bending my cookie cutters to repurpose them sometimes, and these are pretty bendy (unlike me).

They also make some pretty massive cookies! Who wouldn’t be excited about giant cookies?? They are 5″ tall to give you a reference. I made sure to roll my dough out pretty thin so I wouldn’t have monster cookies.

I think I might need to buy myself a set of the rest of their cookie cutters…


I used “The Ultimate Healthy Cut-Out Sugar Cookies” recipe from Amy’s Healthy Baking with these substitutions and products:

  • I halved the recipe, which I often do the first time I try a recipe
  • I used sprouted whole wheat flour
  • Arrowroot instead of cornstarch
  • I didn’t have butter extract, so I used almond extract since I am a huge fan of it
  • I omitted the stevia and did not add any sweetener besides the honey, since I knew I would be icing them


These cookies are awesome! I really wouldn’t have guessed they were so healthy. They are really moist and chewy, which I prefer over crunchy cookies.

The taste was a liiiittle bland, so I kinda wish I had that butter extract that Amy insisted was necessary. It’s totally delicious without it, but I see what she is saying in that it is a little lacking without it.

I rerolled the dough about 5 times, since the cookie cutters were so big and couldn’t fit next to each other. It actually didn’t change the texture of the cookie at all!

I couldn’t find a healthy frosting recipe no matter what I tried, so feel free to omit this. I created this recipe after researching a bunch and combining them-

1/2 cup powdered sugar, heaping 1/2 tsp arrowroot, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 2 tsp vanilla coconut almond milk blend

Mix in stand mixer until combined

I used matcha powder and beet root powder for color, since I prefer natural coloring. I had to add a little water to get it to piping consistency


This recipe was the prefect match for my adorable new cookie cutter. Thank you again to Yummi Yogi 🙂

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