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Protein Cookies

I found a website of recipes that all contain protein powder. How awesome is that?? I literally don’t have to look anywhere else but here.

The recipe for these protein cookies is the only one I’ve tried so far from the website, The Protein Chef. All of the other recipes look amazing though and I’m super excited to try more since these were so great!


The Best Protein Cookies Recipe

Substitutions & Products:

Trutein Birthday Cake

I omitted the cinnamon, since it would be a little weird in a bday cake flavor

I used 1/4 cup coconut sugar instead of 10 teaspoons of brown sugar, cuz aint nobody got time to measure out 10 teaspoons.



These cookies are suuuuper chewy and yummy! They have a really great texture from the oat flour. They are incredibly good, even better than a lot of non healthy cookies I’ve had. I refrigerated my dough overnight and it was really cold, so the cookies didn’t really flatten much. You might want to keep that in mind if the ugliness of my cookie shape offends you. The funfetii/cake batter approach was amazing, not that cake batter could ever be the wrong choice really. It is science that sprinkles make everything better.

I totally recommend this recipe!!

*UPDATE: I made these cookies again, with Isagenix Pina Colada & a little vanilla whey. I weighed the protein powder this time, omitted the cinnamon again, and used 1/4 cup coconut sugar. I also chilled the dough for only an hour, and they came out much cakier.



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