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Baked Brownie Batter Oats

Brownies for breakfast? YES PLEASE.

The minute I saw this recipe I knew I had to make it. Immediately. I ended up making it the following morning. I totally do not regret doing that.

I mean really, how could this be bad.

  • Chocolate? Yes.
  • Oatmeal? Yes.
  • Brownie batter flavored oatmeal? Okay yeah.

The recipe is from Running With Spoons. She has some other awesome recipes on her website that I can’t wait to try after this gem.

brownie oat bake

Try and tell me you aren’t drooling on your keyboard.

Also, this was my first time trying baked oatmeal, and I was far from being disappointed. It’s amazing how much it changes the texture. It turned super dense and fudgy. It literally turned into a brownie.

The only slightly bothersome part was that I had to wait 20 minutes for it to bake, plus some time for it to cool down because it was approximately 8,000 degrees. On a scale from polar bear toes to molten lava, ramekins get close to the same temperature that the metal part of a seatbelt gets to on a hot summer day. Yes, I said polar bear toes. I imagine they’re pretty cold, and couldn’t think of any other cold comparison. By the way, ramekins are what you bake small things in. You’re welcome for clarifying.

Substitutions Made:

I actually did no substitutions in this recipe at all!


This was ooey and gooey and sticky and fudgy and everything I was hoping it would be and more. This is the type of recipe that you have to make when no one else is home, unless you make enough for everyone. The whole house smelled like brownies. That’s how you know this is legit.

I totally recommend this recipe 🙂

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