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Motion Matcha Review

I love all things matcha. It is definitely an acquired taste; you either love it or you hate it. Matcha is made from powdered green tea leaves and has an amazing bright green color. It has some incredible health benefits; it is rich in antioxidants, L-Theanine, and chlorophyll. Since it is made from tea leaves, matcha contains caffeine. The great thing is that the caffeine is released more slowly than coffee, which means sustained energy throughout the day and no afternoon crash! Yahoo!

Plus, it tastes great. But that’s my opinion. It has an earthy taste that pairs well with fruit, coconut, chocolate, vanilla, and almond. You can read all about matcha here.


The lovely team over at Motion Matcha kindly sent me some of their products to sample. Their matcha is conveniently packaged in little single-serve packets, PLUS they have awesome flavors! I have never seen pre-flavored matcha before. AND they only have 1-2 grams of sugar per packet!

I received one of each flavor- just matcha, orange vanilla, pomegranate berry, and strawberry lemonade.

My first creation was a matcha waffle.IMG_2477

Unfortunately, in battles between kt vs. waffle iron, it doesn’t always end very pretty. You can clearly tell who won this round, by my incomplete waffle circle. We had a waffle triangle casualty, but thankfully it tasted amazing even while lacking a piece. I used the orange vanilla flavor and it added a nice little tartness. I topped it with coconut yogurt, honey, and lots of coconut. Many great decisions were made here.

Here’s the recipe:

1 packet Motion Matcha (I used orange vanilla)

1 cup whole wheat flour (I used sprouted)

1 tsp baking powder

2 tsp avocado oil (or any oil)

3/4 cup almond milk (I used Silk vanilla unsweetened)

1 Tbsp honey (or any sweetener)


Next was the strawberry lemonade flavor. I had really high expectations for this flavor, and I was not wrong!! I decided to enjoy this as a regular matcha drink so I could really taste it. I followed the instructions on their website. Another great decision.

green tea

It was super refreshing and had no bitterness at all. Sometimes matcha can be a bit bitter when unsweetened. Also, no clumps of matcha! Spoiler alert, this was my favorite flavor 🙂

Next I used the “just matcha” packet, which is unflavored.


This is a delicious stack of coconut pancakes, the matcha packet mixed with honey and greek yogurt, and blueberries. These were incredible! The matcha went so well with the coconut blueberry situation.

The recipe for these is adapted from @domensfitstagram:

1 serving pancake mix (I used Kodiak Cakes)

1/2 scoop vanilla whey

1 egg

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/4 tsp vanilla


Shredded coconut


Lastly, I had the pomegranate berry flavor left. After the strawberry lemonade drink, I knew this one deserved to be a drink as well. Again, it was super refreshing, not bitter, and there were no clumps! I was so impressed by these.

I will absolutely be ordering some of these, and I would definitely recommend them! Thank you again to Motion Matcha for the lovely gift!

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