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NuGo: Mint & Coconut

NuGo kindly sent me a few of their new slim bar flavors to sample and review. The flavors are chocolate mint and toasted coconut, which happen to be my top favorite flavor combinations! I really like their Slim bars because they only have 2-3 grams of sugar. They’re also non-GMO, have no artificial sweeteners, are high fiber and low carb, and some are both gluten free and vegan.

All NuGo Slim bars are dipped in dark chocolate 😛

The consistency is sort of chewy but also firm. They’re chewy in a more dry way if that makes any sense, but it is a good thing in my opinion. Some protein bars are so sticky its like a jaw workout. These remind me of a cookie or a chewier thin mint.

Thoughts about chocolate mint:

This bar is as close to a healthy thin mint as you can possibly get, because it has that slim bar texture of the cookie but also the taste! I, like most of the world, love thin mints so I was super happy about that. Mint can be a little too much, but this definitely didn’t have an overpowering or annoying mint flavor.

Thoughts about toasted coconut:

This has less coconut taste than I was expecting, which was a good thing. Too much coconut can start to taste artificial. This is definitely more chocolate than coconut, so its more like a coconut brownie than a Mounds bar or macaroon.

Final Thoughts:

These are my two new favorite flavors!! I will absolutely be purchasing these. I have also tasted their crunchy peanut butter and chocolate raspberry truffle, which I enjoyed but these have a new permanent place in my protein bar collection!


I have also tried bars from some of their other lines, so if you have any questions, ask away! 🙂

Thank you to NuGo Nutrition for sending me these samples!

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