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Arctic Zero

I’ve been holding onto this post for as long as possible so that I could share all of my creations at once. If you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you know a full review was coming.

When Arctic Zero recently contacted me asking if I would like to sample their new flavors, I was amazed. Uh… YES please!?

They are a “fit frozen dessert” company that makes protein ice cream in some awesome flavors! Their ice cream is low glycemic, lactose free, non-GMO, free from artificial sweeteners and colors, and full of fiber. Sounds like a dream, right??

Look at these new flavors I was sent!Processed with Snapseed.

Banana pudding, snickerdoodle dandy, cake batter, brownie blast, and poppin’ pomegranate. I was soooo excited when I opened it and saw these beauties! (Plus an ice cream scooper and the cutest stickers ever!)

Disclaimer: I was sent these items for free to review, but all of my opinions are completely honest!

Banana Pudding

This literally tastes like cold banana laffy taffy. You either really love or really hate artificial banana flavoring, and I fall in the love category, so I liked this one!

I ate this with a chickpea cookie (left), and protein brownie (right).

Snickerdoodle Dandy

Can we talk about those sugar cookie chunks? It was loaded. Pretty subtle on the cinnamon snickerdoodleyness but I really like this flavor. I ate it with a peanut butter protein cookie.


Cake Batter

Recreating cake batter flavor in a healthy way is super difficult, but they pretty much nailed it. Not too sweet, and I was glad it didn’t just taste like vanilla. I ate this with an espresso chia cookie (left), and 2 different protein brownies (right).


Brownie Blast

This flavor is really mild on the chocolate taste, and I would say closer to dark chocolate (which is fine by me!) On the left, I ate it with So Delicious Coco Whip and a chia espresso cookie. On the right I ate it with a brownie and homemade chocolate shell -just coconut oil and chocolate chips melted together. This flavor was definitely a favorite.

Poppin’ Pomegranate

I am not the type of person who ever goes for fruity ice cream flavors. I actually enjoyed this, and it reminded me more of sorbet than ice cream. The tangy flavor pairs well with chocolate for contrast, or with a lemon cookie (like I shoved into the rest of the container). I also ate it with a protein chocolate chip cookie and coconut whipped cream (bottom right).

Overall Thoughts:

I was really pleased with these flavors. They’re not as creamy as I like my ice cream, but for a “fit frozen dessert” I definitely enjoyed them. Thank you very much Arctic Zero for your generous package!

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