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Eat Enlightened Protein Ice Cream Review

This post is long overdue, but Eat Enlightened had sent me a bunch of products to review. I have always been a fan of their ice cream, but I haven’t been able to find a lot of their flavors. I was so excited to see that they sent me a whole bunch of flavors I had never tried before!

They also changed their packaging and it’s super cute! Look at these colors!screen-shot-2017-01-07-at-1-24-05-pm

And these FLAVORS.

Caramel oatmeal cookie crunch. Sea salt caramel. Peanut butter chocolate chip.Triple chocolate. Mint chocolate chip. Chocolate chip cookie dough. Frozen hot cocoa. Wowza.

I’d love to put this review in order starting with my favorite, but I honestly can’t pick one. I sincerely loved them all.

This is DEFINITELY the creamiest ice cream I have ever had. I am not just talking about cleaner/healthier/protein ice creams, either. This stuff is legit gelato- level creamy.

Each pint has protein and fiber with less fat, sugar, and calories than traditional ice cream. The company also sells broad bean crisps, which are roasted flavored broad beans.

Caramel Oatmeal Cookie Crunch


I had tried this flavor way before I received my package, and it has always been a favorite. It has pieces of oatmeal cookie and globs of caramel and its AMAZING.

Sea Salt Caramel


This is basically like the caramel oatmeal cookie without the oatmeal, which to me is just slightly less exciting. It does have the nice addition of salt, which I always love with caramel. I definitely prefer the oatmeal cookie over this one, but I would totally not argue if someone asked me to eat it.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

The amount of peanut butter in each mouthful of this is unreal. It is sooooo creamy and peanut buttery, its like eating a frozen Reese’s. Definitely loved this, and the chocolate pieces were perfect. Chocolate and peanut butter is one of my favorite combinations, but its so upsetting when the peanut butter is underwhelming. Very happy with the amount of peanut butter in this!

Triple Chocolate

My apologies for not capturing a picture of this magnificence, but I honestly inhaled the entire carton before realizing I should have taken a picture. Or at least should have taken a breath. It was soooo chocolatey. So perfect. Again, I find it upsetting when the flavor of something is mild or not apparent enough, but Eat Enlightened nailed it with all of these flavors.

Mint Chocolate Chip


I love mint ice cream and this was no exception. Honestly, I love every flavor of ice cream, though. Perfect amount of mint flavor without being overpowering. (If you’re wondering what that hideous green blob next to it is, its mint matcha protein cookie dough)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Cookie dough is usually my go-to ice cream choice. I had tried this flavor before too, and its almost always in my freezer next to the caramel cookie. The cookie dough pieces have the perfect texture and taste. I was very surprised that they were able to make the cookie dough taste so accurate without loads of disgusting ingredients. This is definitely one of my favorites!

Frozen Hot Cocoa

Chocolate ice cream can only be made better with ribbons of marshmallow fluff and more chocolate. This tastes exactly like creamy, rich hot chocolate with marshmallows. I do wish there was a little more marshmallow though, because the bottom of my container had basically none while the top had a decent amount.

Final Thoughts

Caramel cookie crunch and cookie dough will continue to be my top two favorites, but I can see myself purchasing all of these in the future. There has not been a single flavor that I didn’t like. Eat Enlightened is definitely my favorite protein ice cream brand I have tried so far.


They also sent me a few packages of roasted broad beans as a surprise a few weeks ago. I had always wanted to try them, and now I’m obsessed with them!

They gave me a full sized bag each of the cocoa dusted and sweet cinnamon, as well as one travel pack of each. The cocoa dusted taste like cocoa puffs, and the cinnamon taste like french toast!! The crunch of the beans feels like you’re indulging, but they’re full of protein and fiber. I can’t wait to try more of their flavors!

Thank you so much Eat Enlightened for my amazing package! Disclaimer: I received these products for free, but all opinions are honest.


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