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My Experience With 23 And Me DNA Testing

I find DNA super fascinating, and finally decided to do a DNA test. After comparing my options, I decided on 23 And Me because of what the test included. The Health & Ancestry Test consisted of

  • Carrier Status Reports: meaning whether or not you are a genetic carrier for any diseases/ conditions that could be passed onto your children
  • Ancestry Reports: a detailed breakdown of what countries your ancestors are from
  • Wellness: details about how your DNA affects your wellness
  • Traits: the probability that you have a certain eye color, hair color, etc.
  • The ability to connect with family members and compare DNA

My mom also decided to do it, since we are both interested in health/wellness and were curious about what the test would say.

The Process

There are 2 ways to do the test: you can purchase the saliva collection kit in a store and register it online, or you can order it online and have it shipped. Between my mom and I, we did both ways, and they were equally as easy. I also got a $10 Amazon gift card for referring her!

The kit has a collection kit and detailed instructions that explain how to properly collect your saliva. It’s super gross but very quick. Then you seal it and send it back to them.

The company keeps you updated on the progress of your sample, which is awesome. When you log in, the home screen tells you where your kit is, and what date it arrived in that department. The whole process took less than 3 weeks.

The Results

Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything totally shocking from my reports. There were a few ancestry shockers, but they were 1% or less of my DNA, so I inherited that from ancestors from a very long time ago. I found that I am not a carrier of any of the diseases/ conditions that they tested.

Overall, the report was a little bit boring. It was mostly saying things like “there’s a 28% chance you have straight hair.” That is true, but I of course knew that, so I’m not sure why anyone really needs to read that.

The most interesting reports were about wellness, but there aren’t many. They tell you your chance of being lactose intolerant, your muscle composition, and the amount you move in your sleep. Still not super exciting but I guess it was pretty interesting.

My Next Step

I exported my data into Promethease for more information, which I don’t recommend at all. For $5 they tell you a lot more information, but it was not reliable. The information says things like “10% of people with this DNA have received colon cancer, so you have an increased likelihood of receiving colon cancer.” That isn’t something I even want to know. It was also reeeeeally long and you have to pick which things you want to read, because you can’t read it all. It did catch a genetic mutation that I already knew I have of the MTHFR gene which was cool. It also guesses your blood type, which I can’t confirm because I don’t know it.

Overall Thoughts

The Ancestry report was the part I was least looking forward to, and it ended up being the most interesting. I would recommend just doing that portion of the test for $99 rather than receiving the other information that you don’t really need. It was nice to see that I’m not a carrier for any of the diseases they tested, but if that is something you are concerned about then you should being seeing a specialist and not using an online report!

I wish they had more information on genetic mutations and things such as allergies, food intolerances, and other conditions. I hope they add that information in the future.


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