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Jersey Shore Cosmetics Review

Lately I’ve been thinking about transitioning into more natural cosmetic products. It seems really silly to pay attention to what I put into my body but not on it, considering products sink through our skin.

I am so excited to be partnering with Jersey Shore Cosmetics for this review post! They sell non-toxic and natural cosmetic products, and sent me a few lip balms to sample and review. I am a total chapstick junkie and I was so looking forward to trying these!

All of Jersey Shore Cosmetics’ products are natural, organic, toxin-free, and non-GMO! They sell both cosmetics and skincare products that range from makeup to cuticle conditioner to children’s bug spray. Plus their company is based out of Monmouth County NJ, which I think is the best county ever but I might be biased 😉



The three products I received (from top to bottom) are: Jersey Kids strawberry lip balm, anti-aging Argan oil/ vitamin E whole body balm, and vegan wintermint hydrating balm.

Their lip balms are very light and non-greasy. They also don’t leave a weird residue when they wear off like some other lip products I’ve tried. Plus, they stay on for a pretty long time and make my lips feel really soft.

All 3 had really great flavors and textures. I find that flavored lip products are sometimes a little too overpowering. The strawberry was light enough in flavor that it wasn’t obnoxious, but you could definitely taste it. That one was probably my favorite, and I can’t wait to try more of the kid’s flavors (because I’m actually like 6 at heart). The wintermint had a very pleasant minty taste that I enjoyed as well.

The whole body balm is made from coconut oil so it was a little melty feeling when on, but it wasn’t melted in the container so it didn’t bother me at all. It just felt a little bit glossier than the others. You can literally use that on your whole body, which is why its called body balm. It can condition cuticles, smooth fly aways, and they even claim it can take off makeup! I’ll have to test that and see how well it works.

They all feel really nice on my lips and I really have no complaints about them! I also have their mongongo vanilla coconut cream lip balm from an Ipsy kit I received a few months ago, and I love that one as much as the 3 I just received from them.

I would absolutely recommend this brand and I can’t wait to purchase more of their products. They have a vegan platinum highlighter stick that looks really intriguing, and a highlighter with actual pieces of gold leaf in it! They sell an all natural body moisturizer, clay mask, and an exfoliating scrub that I’d really like to order too. I’m definitely going to be trying the kid’s pomegranate lip balm and maybe grape or pear also.


Thank you to Jersey Shore Cosmetics for my awesome lip balms!!!

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