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Vegan Rob’s Review

Vegan Rob’s sent me a bunch of unique chips and snacks to sample and review!

It seems very fitting to be writing this post on Earth Day, because their company is focused on respecting the planet, and all of the products are vegan. They also have certified gluten-free, non-GMO and kosher options as well.

I found their Probiotic Cauliflower Puffs at a cafe a little while ago, and I was so excited to try more of their products! The cauliflower puffs tasted like cheese doodles but without the gross chemical taste. Plus they have added probiotics which is awesome! I looked on their website and saw that they sell so many unique and creative products.


This was in the amazing package they sent me: a tote bag, a chip clip, a sweet basil growing kit, and 5 different snacks!

What I Thought…

Brussel Sprout Puffs:

I expected these to be similar to the cauliflower puffs so I was super excited for them. I was SOOO not let down! Brussel Sprout might sound like an intimidating flavor but it was not strong at all, and it didn’t have a distinct brussel sprout flavor to me. They had a sweet, earthy vegetable taste but I’m not sure I would identify it as brussel sprouts if I didn’t know. The consistency of these, like the cauliflower puffs, are a lot like cheese doodles. I find that very satisfying for a snack! They’re also very filling.


Wild Mushroom Kettle Potato Chips:

I like kettle potato chips more than regular potato chips, because they’re so crunchy. I was so glad these had the typical crunch of kettle chips! The mushroom flavor again is very light, and it was more like a truffle flavor than a plain mushroom. The smell is much stronger than the flavor, so don’t be deterred when you open the bag! I really enjoyed these. I would even say they were one of my top favorite potato chips I’ve ever had.


Wild Rice Chips:

These reminded me of saltier rice krispies, but everyone else told me I’m crazy for thinking that. They have a similar taste to rice cakes, but they’re smooth and I really like that. They’re also 1,000x easier to eat than rice cakes, which always crumble and make a mess. They still have that puffed consistency, so they’re not like an average chip, but they’re also thin and crispy. They have less flavor than all of the other chips, and they’re a little sweet. While they look like tortilla chips, the consistency is nothing like that at all. They’re more like popped chips!

rice mushroom

Sea Salted Chickpeas:

These are really satisfying if you like things that are very crunchy! I bet they’re really good in salads, so that’s what I’m planning to do with them next. They have a chickpea flavor, but they’re very simple and easy to snack on.

Quinoa Chia Chips:

These are a lot like tortilla chips, but sweeter. While you can definitely see the quinoa and chia in them, you wouldn’t be able to detect either of them. I think they’re perfect on their own, but I bet they would be good with most dips and salsas!


I absolutely loved all of these products! While Vegan Rob’s did send these to me for free, all of the opinions are my own. I will absolutely be placing an order on their website, where you can buy all of their products in bulk, or even single bags to try them! Their shipping is extremely reasonable too, which you can see here. And, orders over $40 get free shipping (I’ll definitely be hitting that minimum)!

Thank you Vegan Rob’s for the wonderful package!

P.S: I’ll be updating pictures of my basil plant on Instagram as it grows 🙂

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