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Biena Chickpea Review

Biena Snacks kindly sent me a BOATLOAD of chickpeas to review. I meant look at this package. There was also a super cute bag thrown in there that I’m very excited to use, but obviously the excitement over the food takes precedence here.

Biena makes roasted chickpeas in such unique flavors. They’re also far crispier than any other roasted chickpeas I’ve ever had, and the ingredients are much cleaner. They sent me a bag of each of their flavors, and have since made a new one. SOUR CREAM AND ONION. On a mission to find that ASAP.

These snacks are full of nutrients, fiber, and protein which is perfect for a guilt-free snack. They’re also great as toppings for salad, yogurt, or really anything. Unfortunately, I didn’t have that opportunity. Every time I tried adding them to something, I ended up stuffing my face with them instead.

They’re non-GMO, gluten free, and some are vegan.


Rockin’ Ranch:

  • These are the chickpeas that started it all. I found a small pack of these in CVS and annihilated it in seconds. This is what sparked my obsession with this company. They are probably one the tastiest things I have ever eaten. They have soooo much flavor and I’m not kidding when I say they’re addictive. They have so much ranch flavor, you’ll be licking your hands and dumping the ranch dust into your mouth with zero regret.

Honey Roasted:

  • These taste exactly like a graham cracker to me. I was so amazed by that. I seriously loved these so much. Again, very addicting. Could easily eat the entire bag. Luckily, they’re super filling so I got too full to do that.

Cinnamon Crunch:

  • Practically cinnamon toast crunch if you close your eyes. So much cinnamon flavor and the crunch makes it feel exactly like the cereal!


  • These had the right smoky/sweet balance that you want in something barbeque flavored. A bit messy because the flavoring is a reddish color, but well worth it.


  • I wasn’t super impressed by these, but *disclaimer* I really don’t like spicy or habanero flavored anything. It had a very similar flavor to the barbeque without the sweetness. They’re also less flavorful than all of the other ones. They weren’t too spicy, but there was some definite pepper heat effect happening. I had my dad taste these since he really likes habanero. He said they’re pretty mild in spice, very salty, but he liked the flavor of them.

Dark Chocolate:

  • Basically a chocolate covered pretzel! I really loved these. It was like a guilt-free dessert with added protein and health benefits. They had the salty crunch of a chocolate covered pretzel so I was really satisfied with these.

Salted Caramel:

  • The salted caramel flavor is perfect. They’re a teeny bit too sweet for me, but the flavor is really really good.

Milk Chocolate:

  • I’m definitely more of a dark chocolate person but these were very good! Similar to the dark chocolate of course, so it was a lot like a chocolate covered pretzel, too. They’re more sweet than the dark chocolate, though.

Sea Salt:

  • Obviously I knew these would be salty, but they were very very salty. I’m not a huge fan of that level of salt, but they would definitely satisfy any salt cravings! I liked that they had a clear sea salt flavor rather than just plain salt.



Overall, my favorite is probably a tie between rockin’ ranch, honey roasted, and dark chocolate. I really can’t pick! I could definitely see myself re-buying almost all of these flavors, and I really can’t wait to buy the sour cream and onion, too!

As usual, while these products were sent to me for free, the opinions are completely my own. I would absolutely x 3,000 recommend these to a friend (and I already have since I first tasted them!)

Props to Biena for making such awesome healthy snacks 🙂

P.S.: If you’re ever looking for flavor suggestions, I’d love to see honey mustard

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