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Beauty Counter Review

Elizabeth Walen, of Blush Magnolia Blog, sent me a few Beauty Counter products to review. Beauty Counter is highly recommended in the natural/healthy/clean community. They are free from a lot of gross ingredients that are banned in other countries but not in the US (how lovely). I’ve been slowly switching over to more natural skin care products, but haven’t found a good replacement for a lot of my products yet. I was so excited to try Beauty Counter!

One of my favorite things, after looking through their products, is that they are free from yucky ingredients, but not so clean that it’s weird. I hope this makes sense. Some products are so natural, they are only made from ingredients found in nature. Some natural companies make mascara from just charcoal and oil. No thanks. Beauty Counter doesn’t do weird things like that. They removed the ingredients that have shown harmful effects, and kept the rest.

I have always wanted to try Beauty Counter, but it’s one of those things I’ve never tried and I’m not even sure why. I have heard amazing things about their products. Every time I see someone recommend it, I say “oh wow I still haven’t tried it…” -_- When Elizabeth asked if I was open to receiving some samples for a review, I was thrilled! It was like fate! She chose products that are good for my sensitive, oily skin and was so accommodating of my allergies. We had to message back and forth as she sent me ingredient lists just to be told “no, that one has ___ that I’m allergic to” and yet she didn’t lose her patience!

IMG_7358 (1)

The products that she sent me were

I will certainly be purchasing more products from Beauty Counter, and will update this post with reviews as I do! Their products are a little pricey compared to my chemical filled brands, but very affordable compared to other natural products.

Countermatch Recovery Sleeping Cream

When I first squeezed this into my hand, I thought it was going to be awful. It seems really thick like body lotion. When I put it on my face though, it was shockingly not thick at all. My skin absorbed it so fast and it felt really nice. Plus, it smells like almond extract which is one of my favorite smells! Definitely something I would purchase.

Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion

I had the same thought about this lotion, and the same result. It wasn’t as thick and heavy as I expected. I never wear face lotion during the daytime because my skin is so oily and it always makes it worse. I wouldn’t say this made my skin any less oily, but it for sure didn’t make it worse which makes it a yes in my book! It has the same almond scent as the recovery sleeping cream.

No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil

This was probably my favorite out of all of the products. Like I said before, my skin doesn’t like products that are entirely oil. It makes my skin greasy and yucky. This brightening facial oil was amazing! It smells like oranges and my skin absorbed it so fast. It actually made my skin feel less oily, and so soft. My face almost felt like it does with my mattifying primer I use. Definitely buying this!

Charcoal Cleansing Bar

I am not a bar soap person. It makes my skin feel waxy and weird. I have tried regular ones and natural ones, and have never liked them. This didn’t feel waxy at all! I was shocked about this one. You can also use it on your face which is great.


I will for sure be placing a Beauty Counter order and can not wait to try out more of their products! I have my eye on the mineral sunscreen, balancing facial oil, the brightening facial oil that I tried, volumizing mascara, liquid eyeliner, volume/shape shampoo and mist, and the repair & nourish split end serum. I might need to narrow that down…


Thank you so much Elizabeth 🙂 If you decide you’d like to purchase, you can use my host link here


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