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Utama Spice Review & How I Use Essential Oils

Essential oils have really changed my life over the past year, so lately I’ve been thinking about writing a blog post on the subject. Then Utama Spice contacted me asking if I’d like to review their essential oils and body products, and it seemed like the perfect time for this post!

How I Started Using Essential Oils

My essential oil introduction was actually an accident. I contacted my friend who used to do my spray tans to book an appointment, and she told me that she had switched careers and was now a Reiki master. I was dealing with a lot of anxiety during grad school, and decided to go see her for Reiki (which is energy healing). She introduced me to essential oils that day and I ended up falling in love with them! I am so grateful that I found this path because it truly has changed my life.

What I Use Them For

Literally everything! As I said before, I started out using them for anxiety. There are a lot of calming oils that have really made a huge difference for me. Once I started seeing a difference there, I kept finding new reasons to use them. I now use oils for sleep, allergies, headaches, boosting my immune system, skin care, and even just to make my house smell like homemade pumpkin pie. Yes please.

Why I Like Essential Oils

Obviously, because they work for me. But that isn’t the only reason! Over the past few years I have become very health conscious, mostly pertaining to food. I have now started to consider the chemicals that enter my body in other ways including skin care, cleaning products, artificial fragrances, etc. and it is so nice to have an easy replacement for those products by using essential oils.

What Essential Oils to Buy

I know it’s tempting to buy the set of 10 oils for $5 at your local store, but there truly is a reason those are so cheap. It is super important to know what is in your oils, otherwise you are just adding another toxic product to your list rather than replacing your toxic products! You also won’t get the same healing benefits if the oils aren’t pure and sourced properly.

When Utama Spice contacted me, the first thing I did was check their website to see if they discuss their sourcing. They are a Bali-based skincare company that uses only clean, natural, organic ingredients. They also stated that they take environmental impact into account which is so nice to hear.


Utama Spice Product Review

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 11.31.51 AM

Aromatherapy Diffuser Lamp

This diffuser is gorgeous and such high quality. The bottom has a wooden look and the top is porcelain. It is easy to use and clean, and there are so many different diffusing and lighting options! I would highly recommend this. I do wish there was a diffusing option for less than 1 hour, though.

Lemongrass Ginger Body Butter

This smells like summer! It is so nice for my I-wish-it-was-still-warm-out feelings. The consistency is really nice too. It is a thick body butter, but when you rub it in it dissolves and absorbs really quickly. It also doesn’t feel greasy, which is pretty amazing considering it is made of so many oils.  The website states that lemongrass is good for concentration, and ginger is great for nausea. This will certainly be coming with me on road trips! They sell the body butters in other scents as well. I really love this one, but the Cocoa Love will definitely be in my first order!

Senja Hydrating Body Mist

This was actually the first product I used. I was really intrigued by it, because it says that it is a hydrating mist. I sprayed it onto my face and liked the smell, but my mom didn’t. I think this is the kind of smell where you love it or hate it. It kind of reminded me of the smell of incense, which my mom also hates so that would make sense. The ingredients are very nourishing for the skin, which is beneficial for aging, healing, and rejuvenating. It feels really nice on, because it is so incredibly lightweight. If you are a fan of the incense and “yogi” type of smells, go for this one. Otherwise you may want to try out one of the others. I definitely recommend this lightweight hydration if you don’t like something heavy, or if you’re too lazy to use moisturizer every day (like me) because it is so quick to just spray on.

Mint Liquid Soap

I had just started using natural soap about 2 weeks before Utama Spice contacted me, and was so looking forward to this! It is a completely clean and natural body wash that still foams, which is great. The smell isn’t as minty as I was expecting, which is a good thing because I didn’t want to smell like a candy cane. It is oil-based but didn’t feel greasy or weird. It is extremely liquidy, so don’t expect it to be thick. I was also really happy that it has a pump top, because most other natural soaps don’t.

Essential Oils

  • Cajeput – I have never used this oil before and was so excited to try it! The website states that is great for joint pain since it is warming. It is beneficial for colds (because it is good for the respiratory tract) and headaches, and is also good for infections. I saw that it is beneficial for oily skin, which I have, so I added this to my face moisturizer. It smells similar to tea tree to me.
  • Lemon – I have used lemon essential oil in my diffuser before, but not for anything else. It is antibacterial, and is useful in cleaning products. Lemon is a great mood booster because is fights fatigue. I never knew that it was good for nausea, so I will be using this on road trips as well! The website also states that it has many properties that are beneficial for skin care.
  • Clove – I used clove in my diffuser mixed with orange and it smelled amazing! It is good for skin, respiratory trouble, stress, and headaches. As a baker, this is a nice smell for me since it is an ingredient I use in the kitchen.
  • Tea Tree – This is an oil I have some experience with. I add it to my face moisturizer because it is great for skin. It fights bacteria, infections, and viruses which is great for healing and disinfecting. It helps with your complexion too because it heals blemishes, fixes discolored spots, and stops wrinkling.

Utama Spice has so many other amazing products on their website as well, ranging from shampoo, hair oils, lip balms, yoga mat sprays, candles, and even teas. Their prices are really great, too. If you head to their website, just switch “IDR” in the upper right corner to “USD”. I am so excited to order some of their products! My first order will have the lemon pie lip balm, cocoa love body butter, lavender liquid soap, and the clearing essential oil blend.

Thank you Utama Spice for your very generous package!

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