Book Reviews

** Here is where I will be posting reviews of books I received from Blogging For Books**

Insight: 2.5 stars

This book was very dry and honestly difficult to get through. There were way too many examples of people’s situations, and not enough content or tips. The purpose of the book is to help you be more aware of your life; what you want, what you need to get there, etc. There are some quizzes in the back that may help some people, but I found it very unhelpful and boring.


Draw 50 Sea creatures: 5 stars

I found this book pretty helpful. It teaches you how to draw 50 different sea creatures, breaking it down step by step. It helps you know where to start and where to go next. I do wish they broke it down a little bit more, or maybe if they highlighted the changes a bit better, it would have been more helpful. Sometimes I had to stare at the sketches for a minute to understand what actually changed. Overall, I would recommend it, but only if you have a real interest in sea creatures.


How to Set a Table: 2 stars

I truly have no idea why I chose this book. I never formally set my table, but something about it intrigued me. I found this book a little bit useless. I honestly think the content is more suited to be a blog post or a Pinterest post than a book. If I want to know how to set a table or I’m looking for tips, I’d Google it, not whip out a book. The content is decently informative, but mostly common sense.