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Flourless Protein Funfetti Muffins

The recipe for this gem is adapted from The Big Man’s World. No surprise there! All of his recipes so far have been a huge hit. As I have stated multiple times…probably too many… I have a weakness for all things funfetti/ birthday cake/ cake batter/ full of sprinkles and who isn’t a fan of muffins!? This… Continue reading Flourless Protein Funfetti Muffins

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Single Serve PB Banana Protein Bread

Banana bread is probably one of the most comforting foods ever. Especially warm. And with peanut butter on top. Unfortunately, my favorite banana bread recipe is full of refined ingredients 😦 Luckily for me, I saw that Mar Mar’s Happiness made a protein banana bread for one, AND it has peanut butter swirled in! 😛 I’ve made… Continue reading Single Serve PB Banana Protein Bread

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Yoga Cookies (recipe & product review)

How fun yet frustrating is yoga? Everything looks so easy until you actually try it yourself. And then you realize how uncoordinated and un-bendy you are. But I still love it. I recently started doing yoga again, and Yummi Yogi was kind enough to send me a Tree Pose cookie cutter to make some healthy cookies with!… Continue reading Yoga Cookies (recipe & product review)