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Peanut Butter Cup Protein (Kodiak Cakes) Pancakes

So I finally gave in and bought Kodiak Cakes pancake/waffle mix Kodiak Cakes makes pancake mix without all the nasty gross stuff that other boxed pancake mixes have in them. I’ve made so many pancakes from scratch, and not only do they take forever, they never come out like boxed pancakes. So I gave in and finally… Continue reading Peanut Butter Cup Protein (Kodiak Cakes) Pancakes

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Yoga Cookies (recipe & product review)

How fun yet frustrating is yoga? Everything looks so easy until you actually try it yourself. And then you realize how uncoordinated and un-bendy you are. But I still love it. I recently started doing yoga again, and Yummi Yogi was kind enough to send me a Tree Pose cookie cutter to make some healthy cookies with!… Continue reading Yoga Cookies (recipe & product review)

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Clean Eating Saturday Morning Waffles

Recipe from The Gracious Pantry I’ve owned a waffle iron for years and have never touched it. That doesn’t mean it’s never been used, or that I’ve never had homemade waffles in my house before. I just ask my mom to do it. True life: I’m afraid to use waffle irons. Well that sounds pretty ridiculous… Continue reading Clean Eating Saturday Morning Waffles