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Clean Almond Flour Brownies

I found out the hard way that recreating the texture of brownies with healthy ingredients is NOT easy. That’s why I was soooo shocked when these came out gooey and fudgey and incredibly close to regular brownies! Warning: they are a wee bit banana-y and not very sweet. You can definitely add more sweetener, but… Continue reading Clean Almond Flour Brownies

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Brownie Batter Bean Balls

Baking with beans is extremely intimidating. Nothing about bean brownies sounded appealing to me, but I decided to go for it a while ago and was totally surprised by the outcome (I’ll share that recipe soon!). After making the bean brownies, and tasting the amazing bean creations of Pure Genius Provisions (I did a review of them… Continue reading Brownie Batter Bean Balls

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Hottokēki (Japanese Hot Cake)

Recipe from Tara’s Multicultural Table I like to think of myself as a pancake enthusiast. They are my favorite breakfast food, and they’re definitely what I miss most since I started to eat clean/Paleo. I’m also all about the toppings when it comes to pancakes, but it’s still important to have a perfect fluffy base. Hottokēki… Continue reading Hottokēki (Japanese Hot Cake)