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2-3 Ingredient Bagel Review

You’ve probably seen this recipe on your Facebook feed only about 500 times in the past month. It seems like everyone and their mother was sharing it. Like everyone else, I was mildly intrigued. Two (or three) ingredient bagels? Sounds suspiciously easy. I mean how can Greek yogurt and flour make a bagel? My favorite… Continue reading 2-3 Ingredient Bagel Review

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Crispy Healthy Waffles (& Variations) GF, DF

I do not get along with waffle makers. For the longest time, I didn’t use my waffle maker because I would always annihilate the waffle trying to get it out, even when I greased it. That also made for the worst cleanup ever because the plates aren’t removable. So the last time this happened, we… Continue reading Crispy Healthy Waffles (& Variations) GF, DF

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Pistachio Muffins

Saint Patrick’s Day seemed like the perfect excuse to make some green pistachio muffins.ย I celebrated my 12.5% Irish heritage well with these delicious babies ๐Ÿ˜› They are SUPER moist (ew I hate that word) and dense, which is how I love my muffins. The pieces of pistachio add such a nice texture, and the almond… Continue reading Pistachio Muffins

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Avocado Pudding Breakfast Pizza

Happy 1st Birthday to Katie Cakes blog!! To be completely honest, I had no idea it was my blog’s birthday until I went on Facebook this morning, and it showed me my “memory” of this day last year. I’m a terrible blog mommy. This first year of blogging has been really exciting, and I honestly… Continue reading Avocado Pudding Breakfast Pizza

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Van’s Waffles

There’s something about eating frozen waffles that makes me feel like a 6 year old, but I’m very okay with that. They’re too convenient to sacrifice. The biggest problem with frozen waffles is that they have refined ingredients and artificial dyes. I foundย Van’s Foodsย 8 Whole Grains Lite and they’re made with all natural ingredientsย  I… Continue reading Van’s Waffles