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Utama Spice Review & How I Use Essential Oils

Essential oils have really changed my life over the past year, so lately I’ve been thinking about writing a blog post on the subject. Then Utama Spice contacted me asking if I’d like to review their essential oils and body products, and it seemed like the perfect time for this post! How I Started Using… Continue reading Utama Spice Review & How I Use Essential Oils

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Beauty Counter Review

Elizabeth Walen, of Blush Magnolia Blog, sent me a few Beauty Counter products to review.┬áBeauty Counter is highly recommended in the natural/healthy/clean community. They are free from a lot of gross ingredients that are banned in other countries but not in the US (how lovely). I’ve been slowly switching over to more natural skin care… Continue reading Beauty Counter Review

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2-3 Ingredient Bagel Review

You’ve probably seen this recipe on your Facebook feed only about 500 times in the past month. It seems like everyone and their mother was sharing it. Like everyone else, I was mildly intrigued. Two (or three) ingredient bagels? Sounds suspiciously easy. I mean how can Greek yogurt and flour make a bagel? My favorite… Continue reading 2-3 Ingredient Bagel Review

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My Experience With 23 And Me DNA Testing

I find DNA super fascinating, and finally decided to do a DNA test. After comparing my options, I decided on 23 And Me because of what the test included. The Health & Ancestry Test consisted of Carrier Status Reports: meaning whether or not you are a genetic carrier for any diseases/ conditions┬áthat could be passed… Continue reading My Experience With 23 And Me DNA Testing

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How To Start a Healthy Lifestyle

Finding a Healthy Lifestyle That Works For You First of all, health means something very different to everyone. To me, being healthy means maintaining a moderately active lifestyle and balancing the healthy & non-healthy foods I eat. Your healthy lifestyle may be completely different; there is no one size fits all approach. I completely believe… Continue reading How To Start a Healthy Lifestyle