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2-3 Ingredient Bagel Review

You’ve probably seen this recipe on your Facebook feed only about 500 times in the past month. It seems like everyone and their mother was sharing it. Like everyone else, I was mildly intrigued. Two (or three) ingredient bagels? Sounds suspiciously easy. I mean how can Greek yogurt and flour make a bagel? My favorite… Continue reading 2-3 Ingredient Bagel Review

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(Protein) Cookie Dough Stuffed Chocolate French Toast

Confession: I’m not entirely sure that I like French toast. It’s a strange situation. I crave French toast sometimes, and then I eat it and decide I don’t like it. And then I find myself in the mood for it again. And it’s this strange cycle of unknown feelings about French toast. The main reason… Continue reading (Protein) Cookie Dough Stuffed Chocolate French Toast

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Yoga Cookies (recipe & product review)

How fun yet frustrating is yoga? Everything looks so easy until you actually try it yourself. And then you realize how uncoordinated and un-bendy you are. But I still love it. I recently started doing yoga again, and Yummi Yogi was kind enough to send me a Tree Pose cookie cutter to make some healthy cookies with!… Continue reading Yoga Cookies (recipe & product review)

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Dollop Gourmet PB Cookie Dough

Dollop Gourmet so generously sent me a tub of Peanut Butter Cookie Dough vegan frosting to sample and review for you guys! While I did receive this product for free, all opinions are 100% honest. Dollop Gourmet products are Non-GMO (wahoo!), gluten-free, and vegan. The owner of the company also won cupcake wars! When I received… Continue reading Dollop Gourmet PB Cookie Dough